The addition of Clarkson happened naturally. The two are friends and share a mutual admiration for one another. “When I heard this song, it was a challenge enough for me to sing, and I thought ‘It needs a harmony above,’” Yearwood says, adding that since they laid down vocals, she’s been fielding a swarm of excited phone calls and texts from the original ‘American Idol’ winner.



Singing Kelly Clarkson on the way to get pizza.


From Justin to Kelly is the best movie of all time


That shot ❤️☺️😏


That shot ❤️☺️😏


I think success is achievable for winners of talent shows that I was on or just in general for anybody starting in the business. I just think the point is not to be such a transparent artist that’s just trying to do what everybody else is doing. I think you’ve got to have some kind of uniqueness or individuality to yourself to keep people interested. It sounds funny to say ‘be yourself’ but I don’t think many people are. That would be my biggest piece of advice.

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Make me choose - anon asked: Kelly’s friendship with Miranda or Blake The Lamberts


While most Kelly fans make guesses about the next album, this is what st0pping-every-minute and I do

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Get to know: Kelly Clarkson

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